Brazilian Pantanal, Caiman Lodge

Even Brazilians are not sure where the Pantanal is. It is in the southwest and covers 18,000 square miles. It is a flowing river which is mostly under water much of the year. The roads and buildings are raised about 6 feet to be above the high water. The images on this page were shot with a Canon Elph 300 digital, at maximum resolution (2.1 megapixels) and medium compression. I take all the blame.

This was the last part of a three part trip which was in October 2001, not the best time to be traveling by air anyplace. We started in Buenos Ares  with the American Joint Distribution Committee and continued to Rio de Janerio for a Congress of the Latin American Jewish Communities. From there we took a week to explore the Pantanal, this choice was inspired by John Grisham’s “The Testament” set in the Pantanal and finding a trip offered by

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