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My present blog can be found at it starts in August 2004 with the move into Gee 2, “Starting Over”

Carol’s blog is Message in a Minute and her website is

Our early RV travels are documented in our expense log and some pictures that are not well annotated. Our first two trips were close to home. We found a campground with space for Memorial Day in Roseboom NY (that is NOT a typo) not far from Cooperstown. We did not have a car with us so spent the weekend being campers and learning how to live in our motorhome in a fixed setting. For 4th of July we went the other way to campground just south of Chautauqua  where we found a last minute space. By this trip we were towing Carol’s Infiniti G20. We capped our summer travels with a three week trip that took us as far south as Savannah GA.

I began to blog on our second cross country trip in 2003. I wrote it as a series of emails with word documents attached. Ultimately it became the single long story of our trip found on the 2003 XC page.  By 2004 I had found blogging software and you can find that year’s travel at

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