A Miscellany

This website in one form or another has existed for  close to 15 years (actually opened the account 8/28/2000). I created it to document first the growth of our family and then to include our travels. Initially we traveled in February when teachers had a midwinter. Mostly we went to Latin America to be sure of being warm.

Starting in 2002 I began to write a blog (that was a new term in those days) about our travels in our motorhome.  You will find an archive of those blogs on this site at Journals, Blogs, Whatever menu item. Also you will find links to Carol’s website and her blog there.

This is how we looked when I started this web site:

Carol 1995 ish
Carol – about 1995

Carol with red hair and ever present smile  – Photo by eldest grandson Josh


Yechiel, Dan and me with hair (some)

Eldest grandson Josh

There are four more grandsons and two daughters-in-law who will find there way into more pictures.

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