Avi (grandson from LA) has joined us. I will save my Delta Passenger Service rant for another day. He is here and we managed to hit the street by 7:30 for Day 3 – his Day 1!
We started at the Merchandise Tent to outfit Avi with a hoody to keep him warm on these sort of chilly evenings, I just had to buy a new Jazz Fest shirt for me too. Then we moved out onto Jazz Street and picked up some food and waited out the rain in Java’s then when it had abated we moved out to here Fred Costello and an assortment of sidemen on the City of Rochester Jazz Street Stage. It was fun and the crowd continued to grow as the rain seemed to be staying away. After a bit we wandered over to Jimmie Highsmith at the Avangrid Foundation tent. That kept our attention for 5 minutes, back to Costello and friends.

We decided to walk down to The Little for Adam Kolker Trio, some serious sax. After a wait in line we entered and found the theater only about half full. I went to use the restroom and found myself staring at a Storage Closet door? We have been going to this theater for 60 years at least, how could they have moved the Men’s Room? Well they did and the new one is fresh and modern and there are no overhead pipes to drip on you, total shock! Back to the show. Ron Netsky’s review of this show is right on with my thoughts. Avi seemed totally aborbed in the music until he started drifting off – he had been awake since 3 AM LA time. He is still asleep as I write. Carol walked backed to the apartment with him and he had some interesting things to say also. I loved the Thelonius Monk numbers as well as their own music.

I stayed on through the encore and then headed back planning to finish up at the Big Tent with Red Hook. I lasted less than 5 minutes and left for Max where Derek Gripper was performing solo on guitar. I was mesmerized and stayed on through the rest of the performance. As appears to be usual at Max this year the stage manager shut the performance down with no encore. Anyone who can sound like a 21 string kora on a 6 string guitar has my admiration. read more here.

Tonight look for us at Kilbourn for Miguel Zenon, Christ Church – Dinosaur, Lutheran Church – Ikonostasis, Max for Marquis Hill Blacktet. Or someplace on the street. I will get to the Jam, not sure who will be with me.

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