A Long Journey

June 21,53 years ago my beautiful bride and I left Temple B’rith Kodesh in Rochester NY, newly married, on our way to London. That trip set the tempo for the life to follow. We toured England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and France for five weeks. We boarded HMS Queen Mary in Cherbourg and spent the last 5 days of the fairyland adventure crossing the North Atlantic. Although we slowed our travel tempo a bit as work and children required us to stay put, we continued to travel when possible. Carol was pregnant with Joel (known today as Yechiel) in February of 1966 when I had my new MBA Diploma in hand and we set off for a week in Bermuda.

And the travel has continued. When the kids were small we went on a family trip every Christmas Break with the entire family. Eventually the count got to 11 with my sister’s 3 and our two and our parents leading the way. We also traveled without the boys and Carol’s parents were always ready to move in and watch over them. Trips to Israel became a regular happening starting in 1971,  but we didn’t venture to other places very much. Italy in 1981. I cannot recall many of the trips in the late 1980’s and 90’s I would need to dig out old passports for records.

When Carol started teaching we decided that the best mid winter vacations would be to Latin America where it would be warm and jet lag would be minimal. Records of some of our travel can be found at my website goldberg-online.net In 2012 we started traveling with Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) with a trip to Tanzania. We just returned from our eighth trip with them.

Roaming the continent is our passion. Without both of us loving the wandering life style it wouldn’t be possible. We love being in each other’s company and although it is always wonderful to make new friends around a campfire, across a dining room table or just sitting outside relaxing, we are good to be just us for an evening or a week.

Newfoundland here we come! (right after Jazz Fest starting on Friday night)

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