Itchy Tires

Itchy tires is a syndrome caused by staying in one place for too long. We have been in our apartment since our return from Africa September 19. That is more than 6 weeks with only two brief trips out of town. We were in Syracuse for a day and a half for my aunt’s memorial service and we had a couple of hours in North Tonawanda (Niagara Falls area) to see what was going on with the coach.

The primary symptom is endless reading of RV blogs by others, reading and responding to forum postings (, and I am even deeply engrossed in a selection of Facebook groups dedicated to various aspects of the RV Lifestyle. Last night I even watched a video replay of a live presentation about lithium batteries for the house electric supply. No way am I even considering the expense of such a conversion which would take over five years to recoup/justify.

Another symptom is early morning wake ups thinking about the chores needed to get underway again. We took so much off of GeeWhiz that is a chore to keep it separate from the stuff we leave in the apartment. I am even rethinking all those hats I sorted last week which was really part of the process of getting ready to roll. Maybe once we roll I’ll sleep more soundly. After all preparing to move on in the coach does not require any decision making about what to take, everything, and it is all has it place for being underway.

I’m even writing this post, which if I look back over the years seems to be a harbinger of time to move on. But! I talked to John at Colton yesterday and he is slipping our November 15 departure date, he thinks. They have the new front cap installed and they only need one small part before they can put the generator back in and well, there are a world of small parts that still need to arrive. Meanwhile the compartment doors are in the process of being painted and other work is proceeding.

I am trying hard to live with indecisiveness. We will leave when the coach is ready and not a minute before, also not much more than a minute later. In reality, I suspect we would be sitting in Rochester even if the coach were merely in storage for now. We have friends to have lunch and dinner with, we have concert tickets and so many other wonderful activities right here. Carol has let the refrigerator and pantry drop to the lowest point we can remember. We are eating out so much and preparing to travel. Indeed we will need to shop soon just to be able to have breakfast in the apartment.

Life is good and I have learned that Itchy Tires is a syndrome with an easy and lasting cure: Get on the Road!

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