Five Days 1,835 Miles

For people who think 250 miles in a day is enough and two days in a row of that this is insane.  Our first two nights on the road were courtesy BLM (Bureau of Land Management, Department of the Interior), thank you federal taxpayers.  The next two nights were Elks Lodges in Denver CO and Russell KS (you could look at map and maybe find it along I 70 somewhere near the middle of KS). We are taking two nights in Independence MO visiting our friends the Lustigs who moved here from Rochester 31 years ago. Somehow we manage to pass through every so often and renew the friendship.

When we leave here Saturday morning, we will double time, that is we need to cover over 700 miles to reach Akron OH by late afternoon on Sunday so we can have dinner with the Slepians Sunday evening.  That leaves us 4 days to cover 600 miles to Providence RI, easy!

Oh the plans they do change. Carol and I were looking at the map and realized we are passing right through Columbus OH.  My college roommate and a friend of CArols and mine from our days in Sunday School lives in Columbus.  How could we just drive through without saying hello, especially since Lee reads the Blog and would know what we had done 🙂 To make that happen and still keep some sort of schedule we drove 500 miles from Independence MO to someplace East of Indianapolis where we are stopped in an Interstate Rest Area for the night.  In the morning we will drive two hours and forty five minutes to visit the Cherney’s in Columbus and then continue on another 2 hours or so to Akron.

I think I need to rename this trip “The Reunion Race Across the US” Not only are racing to my Brown Reunion, but we are having mini reunions as we go.  I remember an early cross country trip, 2002 I think, where we visited people in three or four cities and thought it was a big deal.

Oh yes, before we drive to Rochester after the Reunion we will be stopping to see former RVers and still friends the Topfs on Block Island and then we are planning to stop in New London CT to visit with people we just traveled with in Japan.  I expect we will cap off this Reunion thing with a stop in Syracuse to visit my Aunt and Uncle, but they haven’t been told about that yet.

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  1. You two are just too much. My whole body aches just hearing about it. Looking forward to your return. Warner Lofts has yet another rental manager. Adrianna is young, filled with ideas for the building and has already redecorated the lobby…..quite an improvement too.
    But the windows are still filthy. Drive carefully…..G and P

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