Back in the US and Moving Fast

The return to the US was essentially uneventful. We made the three transfers without and drama and settled in to a long (9 1/2 hour scheduled flight to LA. The only aggravation was being held on the ground for more than an hour waiting for a gate after arriving almost an hour early.  Cleared immigration and customs at a walk,  thank you Global Entry. We even picked up the car and traversed LA to get the coach and then to Malibu Beach RV to collapse and wait out jet lag.

After 5 days we set out for a record setting (for us) cross country trip.  As I write we have come 790 miles in two days stopping first in Nevada on top of a mesa outside of Overton, more of a speck on the map with a museum of the Lost Community.  It is also near Valley of Fire SP. It is a great camping place with raw desert and cliffs and buttes in every direction.

Today we resumed driving across Nevada and Utah. We had to stop several times just to gape at the scenery.  We thought after Japan’s incredible volcanic scenery we would be hard pressed to be awed.  Utah, along I 70 is incredible.  We were “oh look at that” and omg so often we had to laugh. I remembered some wonderful Riverside sites near Moab and we headed there guided by Days End,  an incredible resource of free and cheap places to stop over night. I got the wrong road,  but spotted some rvs atop a ridge line and turned into Willow Springs Road where we found a home for the night up a dirt road next to another Phaeton. Getting back to the highway may be interesting,  a disaster if it should rain.

Tomorrow we will stop for lunch in Grand Junction,  CO to vist Malena’s sister and brother-in-law then on to Denver for the night.  I’ll post this now without the pictures,  will add them later.

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  1. SafeTravEls. you were 25 miles from our coach in Overton, but alas we were in Oregon! Maybe will connect this summer. Glad you had a great time!

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