G Wiz

Well that is one of the proposed names, another might be Golly G, or Gee 2 Too.  It is too soon, it has not shown its personality yet.  For that matter we haven’t driven it a mile since we own it.  We are sitting in Colton RV’s “campground” along side Gee 2, door to door.  I know they are the same length but somehow we thought it was bigger.  Today was moving day, another word might have been paralysis.  We moved the contents of the kitchen first and as I carried another bin full of stuff in from Gee 2 I found Carol “dithering” “I don’t know where to put anything” “it won’t fit” even now 8 hours later she is saying she is “so disoriented.”  And so it has gone.

It is astounding how much stuff we had in Gee 2.  It really will fit into the new coach, or most of it.  I didn’t know I was such a pack rat.  There are parts, left over from repairs that I have forgotten about.  There are stones, we picked up I know not where.  There are more sealants and lubricants and such than I can remember buying.  Although we haven’t finished, we are close and in the morning they are going to drive the coach into the service bay to set up the supplemental brake circuit and install the “extend-a-stay” manifold into the propane line. Then we will finish off the move and maybe drive off into the sunset to a nearby campground to play at camping until Sunday or Monday.  I have to be back for medical catchup, er checkups, and such.

We will not be able to take the new coach out for anything serious until after Jazz Fest at the end of June.  Carol has her sights set on overseas travel which may leave the new coach in storage even longer.  All remains to be seen.

In between the purchase contract and the closing, we had the whole family together or the unveiling of Mom’s headstone, 51 weeks after she died.  We also participated in some of Percussion Rochester which was a two wonderful concerts and many other events.  In the midst of that we had to go to a funeral for Zvi Zeitlin who we visited with in February for his 90th birthday.  He played a great all Schubert concert which he announced was is last recital, none of us believed him, but . . .If you don’t know him, just Google Zvi Zeitlin.  Way too much to ingest in four days.

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