Further up the Coast

We took a leisurely drive up the coast from Mendocino to Eureka where we found another very nice Elks Lodge with a 32 space RV campground adjacent to the Lodge.  Full hookups yet and cable and WiFi.  Having found this we next had to figure out why we might want t o be in Eureka for a while.  First we just had to take the Avenue of the Giants which parallels US 101 through the Humboldt Redwood Forest.  You have all seen pictures of the trees and the road.  It was cloudy and rainy and we did not have a large format camera to do justice to the majesty of the trees.  Carol tried and may post some of her images.  I took some pictures but nothing you want to see.

As we were sitting at lunch I received email from one of my bulletin boards that there has been a major slide across PCH 1 between Carmel and Big Sur.  That is called a long term closure.  Sure glad we are well north of that.  We have seen many places along the way where slides have been cleared from the road and a couple where the road is routed around places where it was undercut and falling into the sea or a gorge. 

We located the local Jewish Community and will be attending Friday night service and pot luck dinner – sound familiar? Not sure about Torah Study as it starts at 8 AM and runs up to 3 hours!!  Then of course there is Megillah Reading Saturday night.  Brief explanation, we read the Book of Esther to commemorate Haman’s attempt to destroy the Persian Jews and his eventual downfall.  The celebration includes food (what else?) drink, of course, and lots of noise.  Much fun for the children, and the adults.

Eureka is a wonderfully preserved Victorian area and the buildings are really great to see.  Add to that the Lumbering Convention at the Fairgrounds which we will drop in on and there is a lot to do and see. 

Written one day later: It is raining again and still, Noah isn’t until the Fall, but . . .

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