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Getting Ready for the 3 Tour Extravaganza

It is Thursday, September 26. We are in Dan and Malena’s yard in the coach. On Tuesday we will put the coach in storage and be driven to the DC area.  We will stay at a hotel near my cousins Jane and  Bob Levey so we can have dinner with them before flying out on Wednesday evening to Kiev, first stop.  We do not have passports in hand yet. PVS Inc has had them since late July or early August. We need 5 visas for this trip.  Apparently  China, Vietnam and even Myanmar were relatively easy. Russia was swamped and would not even accept the application until  a month before the entry date.  Cambodia would not grant a visa for more than 60 or 90 days in advance of entry.  I spoke to Ruth at PVS today and she assured me that Russia had issued our visas, yesterday, and our passports are at the Cambodia Embassy and should be done by tomorrow.  This is getting tight.

We arrived here a week ago after an uneventful trip with a stop at Shangri-la by the Creek in Milton, PA. We have made that stop often on our trips between Rochester and Charlottesville.  The big event of the week was Dan’s birthday on September 25. I’m not sure how I feel about that as I was 25 when he was born.  We entertained with dinner at new local restaurant, Pasture, it was okay, a bit noisey, and a bit stark.  It cost more than the bris!

On Tuesday the 24th we drove to Fredericksburg where we met Anna Lee and Jerry. We spent a delightful day touring, eating and talking.  I hope we will see them next in California, or someplace on the road.

I suppose I should include a picture so here is a shot looking down the driveway from the steps of GeeWhiz.