Las Cruces, El Paso, Van Horn, El Paso

We made Las Cruces in plenty of time on Friday to set up the coach for a three night stay and arrive at Leora and Stuart’s home in plenty of time to greet their family and friends most of whom we know from previous visits. For those who don’t know a Seder has a fixed order (actually that is what Seder means) that is followed in most homes. We learned it from our parents and Carol and I have lead many in our own home when my mother was ready to let it go to the next generation.

Since getting on the road we have experienced many variants from just the two of us in a campground to Sedarim (plural) lead by our children. This year also followed the “order” but with a musical family given to enjoying the humor to be found, or created, in the service.  We sang, laughed, addressed questions raised by the Seder itself until it was well past midnight before we returned to our coach. 

In the morning, for reasons I do not understand I extended the small awning over the door hoping to create some shade. Later I elected to retract it as the wind was rising. It came in 3/4 of the way and stalled. After much button pushing and attempting to spot the cause while standing on a ladder, I called Richard Mobile RV  since I cannot drive down the road with this awning extended.  He returned he call promptly and agreed to come by on Monday. We went about our business. A bit of shopping and wandering around Messilla which always results in some small purchase – Carol is wearing the new earrings at this moment. The salsas will wait for the end of Pesach. 

It is Monday and Richard has come and gone, the awning is in the storage bay needing a new motor which will be dealt with when time allows. After some other minor fixes Richard was on his way. As always I am grateful to know a competent RV tech who gets the job done with a minimum of fuss and for a reasonable charge.

Tuesday Carol has another fall. We made it as far as Van Horn Texas where we stopped at a garage to have Texas inspections on our vehicles. Carol had driven in to Van Horn, While we were parked she had a reaction to a med she was on. I was in the garage with the Jeep and she decided to get some fresh air. I found her sitting on the sidewalk, in pain. The Van Horn Culberson Hospital saw the broken hip on xray and transported her to University Medical Center in El Paso retracing the last two hours of driving. I followed with the motorhome towing the Jeep. I arranged with the hospital to park the coach in a back lot overnight. Security met me and directed to a parking place. 

No more detail needed, that was Tuesday, it is now Friday. The hip has been “repaired” and Carol just transferred to a Rehabilitation Hospital, Highlands Rehab Hospital. She has a private room and the facilities are gorgeous. I am with the coach in El Paso Roadrunner RV Park. We stayed here one other time in 2003. We met the Hoggs in the laundry. and became friends until they had to hang up their keys. It isn’t that we aren’t still friends, but they must stay in Canada for insurance reasons and it is a long way north of us. WE do talk from time to time but we miss their company. Hope you are reading this.

We will stay in El Paso until Carol can walk onto the coach on her own. Stay tuned!

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  1. So sorry to hear Carol is going through this. I hope she’s out of rehab soon. Hugs to both of you ❤️

  2. OMG Carol. Please take care and let Hashemite help you be stable. You are in my prayers 😘🙏

  3. Ohhh noooo. We are so sorry to hear of this fall and fractured hip. Big hugs and loving support to you both, Dean& Janexxoo

  4. Oh….just so sad to hear of Carol’s fall. Know that she’s so very careful and scared of falling….and now this. Wish I were near and could visit. Give her my gentle healing hugs and love. Shelle / Jojoba but now in MT.

  5. Of course I am so sorry to hear of Carol’s continued mishaps. You stay well Paul. My love to her. Enjoy El Paso as best you can. Perhaps #45 will stir more up. Big hugs 🥰 Cindy

  6. Oh my! Hope Carol mends easily and you are on your way again. We stayed in El Paso for a few days on our way west. I remember not being impressed, but that was several years ago. Love to Carol and you!

  7. Love to both of you! What a ride! So sorry for any pain either of you are experiencing. Much love, Andrea

  8. Oh wow, not another break! Carol and Paul you are both in our prayers, we pray for an uneventful fast recovery so that you can get on with your adventures.

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