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We have been busy getting things in order and I have not been awake enough to even write about our activities and my thoughts until now.

The trip home was a bit of a trial. With great help from airport personnel and airline personnel we were able to get Carol situated  in seat 1 B, as close to the door as possible. In the process I learned some things about air crews, if you give them a chance they are helpful, friendly and will go to the limit of there protocol and maybe a bit beyond to make travel under difficult conditions better then just possible,  this is a shout out to the crew of the Copa flight from Panama City to LAX  on the 8th of March. 


After a night on the coach it was clear Carol needed more care then I could provide and there were plenty of medical questions that would not wait until Monday. Saturday morning, with some help from neighbors, I transferred Carol to the Jeep and headed in to Temecula Valley Hospital. They took over when we got there. In summary, Carol was xrayed and CT scanned until she glowed. We waited for everything to settle out and then transferred her to Murietta Health and Rehab where she is getting excellent care and therapy and mediocre food. It is too early say how long her stay will be, but when she can climb 5 steps into the motorhome she will be coming back to complete her recovery in the comfort of home surrounded by the most marvelous RV community in the country.

I am not detailing her injuries here, there is no need, they will all heal and she will be good to go for Jazz Fest in Rochester come June!

I am practicing living alone, sort of. I spend several hours a day with Carol – probably less now during the week as she will be busy with OT and PT. Today as I settled in for some work time I had friends see my open door and drop in, occupying me from 4 until 6. This ended with a phone call from friends from Rochester on vacation in Hawaii.

We are blessed.

10 thoughts on “Back Home”

  1. Beautiful blog my love. You are beyond belief.
    How can I stand our being separated?

  2. Hi Paul and Carol,
    So very glad to hear Carol is in the right place to assure her rehab and recovery. It sounds like your community there is a true marvel. My love and healing thoughts go out to you both.

  3. I’m terribly sorry that Carol is in such pain. I do think of her, and you and of your marvelous adventures often. My love and hugs out to you both.

  4. Good care comes from many places, glad you both had the good fortune to have it when needed. Carol has the will and we add just one of many vibes.

  5. Well written and am so glad that every ‘step’ of the way home and into needed care you had so much caring support… from the airport/plane ordeal to home.. to the er. And the best part is that you both know support from your RV friends will continue as long as you need… well, probably beyond! Gentle hugs to you both and positive, healing thoughts headed your way.

  6. Good Grief!! I had no idea Carol was in poor health again. My prayers are with you and I do hope you make it to Rochester for the Jazz Festival. Please give her our regards and let her know we send our very best for a quick return to good health. Paul, you take care of yourself as well. It isn’t easy being a caregiver, but it is something that love provides and we follow through. I send my Love – Darlene

  7. I am so sorry to read of Carol’s fall. My best wishes for her successful rehab back to good health. Sarah

  8. Wishing you a speedy recovery Carol. We look forward to visiting with you at the Jazz Festival! Love, Ken & Linda

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