Panama City to Bouquete

We landed in Panama and got to our hotel at 8:30 pm to find the plans for the first day had changed. Our flight to David (to get to Bouquete) had been delayed four hours. We agreed with our Tour Leader Alejandra to meet the others at 9 to go to the Biomuseum, a new Frank Geary building:

If you visit Panama City do not miss this museum. It is a wonderful story about the biological development of the isthmus. The building is worth the trip too.

We returned to the hotel to pick up our luggage and fly to David where we began our delayed drive to Boquete

Along the way we made a stop for coffee – the must do in Panama – and we were greeted by these Coatimundi in the parking lot 

During the drive to the hotel we all agreed that we were far more interested in birds than the planned visit to a farm that raises race horses. So we opted to rise to be on the van at 6:30 to see the birds at Birding Paradise run by Mishael Rivera (if that reads like a plug it is. I have contact information).

We were at the birding venue by 8. I have fine binoculars but I did not bring the appropriate lens and the birds were back lit to boot.   

This MotMot chose to hold a pose for me. Most of the birds were not as cooperative, but we did see many and I extended my personal life list a bit with scaly belly humming bird and a few others. 

We visited a farm where learned about the added difficulties of making a living as a farmer in Panama where the biggest competition is fresh goods coming off the many ships passing through the Canal. 

Following a wonderful lunch we slept through the ride back to the hotel. We have agreed to extend our birding to another 6:30 departure in the morning before flying back to Panama City to join the base trip.

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  1. Enjoying following along! We are in far Northern California on 101 where everything is completely drenched from recent storms.

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