Starter Post for Panama and Colombia

We are off in a bit for a Panama land trip with OAT which includes a trip through the Canal both ways. Before that we will see much more of Panama than the Canal Zone. I will detail our travels as we go. 

We travel though the Canal on a 24 passenger catamaran taking almost three days including an overnight in lake Gatun before passing through the Gatun Locks into the Caribbean end of the Canal. Then we travel overnight back through to the Pacific end to end that part of the trip. We will fly on to Bogota, fortunately our VP will have left long before we arrive . 

Since our flight tomorrow is at 10:20 AM, we are taking a shuttle to a hotel near LAX today. We will have dinner with Miriam, Yechiel and family.

Watch for more from the trip as internet permits.

4 thoughts on “Starter Post for Panama and Colombia”

  1. You will have a wonderful experience. Colombia is eye-opening; unfortunately you will not get to see Pablo Escobar’s “prison” estate which has just been dynamited. We did; it wasn’t so special but was lovely enough for a “prison.” Enjoy!!

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