Perils of . . .

I know I have used this title before, many times. Usually I have some entertaining story about a breakdown, failure happenstance regarding the motorhome. The house on wheels is a bit more prone to failures great and small as we trundle down the road subjecting it to the vagaries of road  maintenance in the US. We have been sitting still since December’s trip to Redlands for service so there is little cause for problem – other than a fan in one of the heat pumps which are getting a workout this year. 

No, this is about the perils experienced by the body as the years advance almost unnoticed. As a fellow hiker noted today we would not expect a car or motorhome to perform well if it were over 70 years old and had been on the road continuously. We do expect our bodies to do just that.  We are noticing that this is a fallacy. Stuff does not work as well as it did years ago. I finally got the pain in my right wrist treated with an injection of a magic potion which has reduced the pain significantly. Carol’s  broken wrist is healing slowly and she is slowly recovering her spunk and energy as she eats and drinks more. 

Today I went on a hike with the hiking gang and we went 7 miles, out and back with a 1,000 foot elevation gain. Upon return to the car I felt fine, a bit tired, and my legs are tightening up a bit. This was a fine day.


It wasn’t hot, but I must have worked up a bit of a sweat. This is at the summit of Bernardo  Mountain

Here is the whole gang that made the climb. I am not the eldest of the group. But we are all staying active by being active.

This is a view down towards I 15 which is where we started the climb. The Pacific is just the other side of those mountains. Come climb with us.

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  1. Good for you, Paul!!! Motion is Lotion says our doctor. Or, Use it or Lose it!! Still and all, the part about the years slipping by almost unnoticeable is so true! In my 50’s and 60’s, I was expecting to start a new career in my 60’s. I did, I worked for Rawhide Rodeo Company for 16 years. Now, it seems to take me so long just to get dressed and do things that were no effort at all at 70. The Good Side – We are above the ground!! Continue your travels safely and we’ll see you in the summer.

    God Bless You & Carol – Luv – Darlene

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