Busy Times

Well February 1st was an interesting day. Ballots had been rolling in for the board election since mid December. They were opened and counted and then the announcement that I came in fourth for three positions. To a certain extent there was a whew emotion as our plans for travel open up. A board position requires more time spent in the park and devoted to the park. I my most immediate comment to myself was “I can go on the Tuesday hike this week after all.” While I was going through that process I was approached to take on a major committee chair position. Then I was further propositioned for it and by late afternoon I was on the phone with the board member who is liaison to the committee verifying that it was okay to submit my name to the board . More when the board gives its approval.

Carol is happy with the new project and my not being on the board. My well wishers all say “next year” and I am saying we’ll see about next year when the time comes.

Carol is still is Covesville, where it is cold and has snowed some. The kids(!) should be boarding their flight out of Jo’burg soon. They land in Dulles sometime Tuesday AM and will decide how to get back to Covesville when they are on the ground. Carol flies out of Charlottesville on Thursday. 

I have been playing a lot of Bridge, helping put up a TV antenna on the top of one of the water tanks (if you follow me on Facebook you may have seen these pictures):

Bud with new antenna


Gregg taking down old antenna
Ground support

And otherwise staying busy and out of trouble. This was the kind of volunteer project that happens regularly around the park. If it needs to be done those who know how work with those who don’t to make it happen. I call it fun. If I had to do it, I might call it work.

The patio is almost done. I will post pictures in a day or two of the finished, but incomplete patio. Carol and I still don’t know  how we will furnish it.

Please link to https://www.rvillage.com/home


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