Alone in Community

We have been married 53 1/2 years. In that time we have each traveled on our own from time to time. The longest time may have been eight days when I flew to Israel for meetings while Carol flew to Long Beach to welcome a new grandson. I made it for the Bris, 8 days. A couple of weeks ago we got a call from Dan and Malena that they needed to go to South Africa for a memorial for Malena’s brother from another mother. Could we chaperone and chauffeur the boys in Charlottesville while they attended and then did some touring  since they were already there for 16 days.

I couldn’t go. Months ago I put my name in to run for the board of directors of Jojoba Hills and I made some commitments to continuing board members and to myself to be present. Our election is tomorrow – there are 4 candidates for 3 seats and board training commences on Monday February 5. Carol is off in Covesville VA providing adult presence and driving the boys to their classes and events. She won’t be back until late night Thursday the 8th. I am lonely and I miss her. Even as I write I am looking up to where she normally sits to see what she is doing and when I finish I will miss her final edit and comments.

I am in community and the only time I have alone is in the evening. I am continuing to go on hikes, go to JCATs meetings and play Bridge. Tonight our neighbors had a Howling at the Moon event and I went and met some new members and guests in the park and even got to talk to people I know, but have never gotten the chance to talk with. I looked over my shoulder a couple of times to see who Carol was chatting with.

Tomorrow is our annual meeting and election day. The sealed ballots have been submitted and will be opened with appropriate pomp and security and counted, in secret. I will attend the meeting which will continue with other matters including a floor vote on the budget. By mid afternoon I will know the results. I expect that Carol, running unopposed as of now, will be elected to Co Chair of the Social organization – Hilltoppers – and everyone tells me I am  sure to win, but I’ve heard that before and will wait for the count.

As I said at the beginning I am alone and lonely, yet I am surrounded by some of the nicest, friendliest people I would care to know. They aren’t letting me feel lonely when I am in their midst.

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  1. From the other coast with my college going
    grandsons (18 & 15!). They are of course brilliant and intense in their philosophies and endeavors. I too find myself looking for my beloved Paul missing his presence, his wisdom and loving embrace. My experiences and responsibilities with my boys however is thrilling (I even get to drive a shift car again and love it and it’s 6 gears. Yes our Jojoba Hills park is family eases being apart.

    1. Short answer, I managed to lose the election (and win my freedom). Not heading to VA. Carol will be back here in a week and I still have work to do. Got recruited to a rather demanding committee assignment as I taking the loss into my mind. I think I said yes 🙂
      More in a full post.

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