We are comfortably ensconced in our apartment on Saint Paul Street enjoying watching the people and the traffic in constant motion beneath our windows. We even venture out from time to time and walk when we can in our very diverse neighborhood. We are next to the central bus terminal and all city buses pass through this one terminal with a half hour delay for people to change from one line to another. For us we can go most anyplace we choose by bus and return is easy cause any inbound bus must get here eventually. The cost is 50 cents for Seniors. We also now have Uber and Lyft should we choose. Of course Ruby, the red Jeep, is in the parking lot for most of our travel beyond our walking range.

Read Carol’s most recent blog to see the current status of our walking range. This coming week is filled with appointments, I have not seen so many different doctor visits packed together, with no one sick, in one of visits here. Of course I did have to add one to tell me how to deal with the kidney stone, which seems to have taken some time off from tormenting me. Mixed in we will catch meals with people we want to see and even some time with Ray Ciccarelli, the Financial Planner who bought my practice and acquired me as a client as part of the deal. It’s fun for me to sit on the other side of the desk these days. Oh, just occurred to me his other office is in Naples FL and his sister is there as well as other family, hope they are safe.

I am reminded that the Jewish High Holy Days are not far off. It is a time of thinking back over what I have done and looking forward to how I can contribute to my community in the coming year. I have already made some decisions concerning our community in Jojoba Hills, but that is really only one community of the several that fill our lives and make life interesting and exciting as we approach the middle of our 7th decade. Funny, I shifted from me to we without even realizing until the words were on the screen. The greatest blessing of MY life is to be partnered with Carol for essentially all of OUR lives. I hope we are an example and inspiration to others in our family and circle of friends.

I could ramble on, but I am not sure I could keep your attention, so until the next time, as we say when we part from members of our RVing world “Safe Travels” wherever they may take you.

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