Crossing Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Yes indeed we are on the move now. We stopped back at Arm of Gold in Little Bras D’or planning to stay two nights. The second night we joined the Perlmans for an art opening and dinner at Chanterell on the Cabot Trail. Wonderful meal and wonderful people. Did I say the ambiance was also wonderful? And the Perlmans bought, OMG how could it be better. During the day we had stopped at the Fossil Museum in Sydney Mines and had our eyes opened to the incredible fossil bed in the area, just above the coal seams. We extended our stay a day to join Stuart on a two hour fossil walk on the beach. We went to Aconi Point and walked out to the very point where a coal seam is exposed. Above the coal seam is a slightly later layer, 350 million years old! As Stuart pulled hunks of the layer down we flipped through the debris and almost every piece had at least one fossil impression of carbonaceous material, often on both sides, splitting a piece often resulted in two more fossil layers. we returned to the coach with far more rocks than we intended, but far less than most other participants.

Sunday we took our time getting underway, so what else is new, and crossed the rest of Nova Scotia on TCH 2 ending the day in Moncton NB at a casino that has a large RV parking area. We went in to the Casino to register and ended our visit to the interior in a matter of 5 minutes. I did “win” a deck of cards for registering. In the morning we dragged our heals again getting under way at about 10. We rolled down TCH 2 with the US border just a few miles to our west. We ended the day in Edmundston NB at another Casino. Unlike last night we seem to be alone here as far as other RVs. This is also a smaller casino. No entertainment during the week.

Again, no photos. The wonderful Verizon “unlimited” plan which includes data in Canada has a hidden limit – .5 GB per day! pictures just blow through that, especially uploading a day’s shooting for both of us. Even if VZW didn’t cramp our style, the service on Bell Alliant is so slow that 3G would look good, it’s the only reason we don’t blow through our daily limit by the time we are done with breakfast.

Quebec City tomorrow!

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