and we had a very active day with grandson Avi on the street. We really wanted to hear Miguel Zenon at Kilbourn. He is reputed to be among the top saxophonists around. We got in line to get our wristbands at 3:30 figuring this would give us plenty of time to roam. Got “banded” at a bit after 4 and wandered down to the Jazz Street Stage for Brockport High Jazz Band starting at 4:30. Along about 5:15 we got in the first group line in the Eastman School Lobby to get in to the 6 PM show. Not sure we gained much with this new wrist band thing. We did get great seats in the 3rd row center and Zenon came on with a great group Read Ron Netsky in City for details. The group hit the stage playing and didn’t take a break to introduce themselves until just before the last number. We were breathless. We stayed for the encore, of course!

Moved on to a brief stop on Main St to eat some food, I had the Blackened Chicken Louisianan again, way spicy! Then on to Lutheran Church of the Reformation for Ikonostasis . For the name alone we had to check it out. If it doesn’t mean anything to you, check out Greek Orthodox Churches, hearing a group with that name in a Lutheran Church was just a bit too much to miss. Again Ron – see link above – reviewed the group. I was intrigued with the performance with Moog Synthesizer and sax and drums, but not enough to stay on. We agreed to move on halfway through and head over to Harro East for Conrad Herwig’s Latin Side. We got there for the last two numbers and are very glad we did. The combo with Trumpet, Trombone and Sax in front of Piano, Base, Drum kit and hand drums was dynamite and several people told us we had caught the best of the act. We stayed for “one more number” and then moved heading for. . .

Hatch where Harold Danko was having a great time on the piano. Again we caught the last two numbers and stayed for “just one more” which was actually a medley of three numbers Danko had written. As we drifted out of that hall we really wanted to hear Marquis Hill Blacktet at Max. Even though it was late on a chill and drizzling Monday there was a line forming at a bit after 9 PM so we decided to get in line to be sure of getting in. Leaving Carol to hold our place, Avi and I went in search of something to satisfy a teenage vegetarian someplace on the street. He found a cheese pizza slice and I got some popcorn to get back in line with. As soon as we got there the line moved and we got a nice table second row a bit off to the left. Hill was incredible on the trumpet just wonderful to listen to. The sax player Josh Johnson(?) was also phenomenal read Frank De Blase in City for more. We stayed to the end and then moved out. We dropped Carol off at the apartment, well a block from the door, and Avi and I headed up to the Jam.

When we got there Luis Perdomo from the Zenon group was at the keyboard. It is always nice to see the performers show up for the Jam. They took a break and I took the opportunity to introduce Avi to Bob Sneider who has managed the Jam from its inception. We left a bit early, about midnight, so Avi could get some rest and be up for the Saxophone Workshop for Youth at 1 PM.

For sure we will start out tonight at Harro East where Bill Evans Band Featuring Tommy Smith will be playing. Tommy Smith is giving the Workshop at 1. From there Kevin Scott Oracle at Xerox then David O’Higgins Atlantic Bridge Quartet at Christ Church and wrap it up with Vanessa Rubin at Max before heading over to the Jam. Still have to figure out where and when we will eat and what else we might fall into. I’ve worked this out with Avi, hope Carol approves!

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