Safely back in the USA and 900 miles down the road.

Reentry into the USA was a no brainer for us. Traveling Business Class with Global Entry cards turned the expected hassle into a walk in the park. They looked at the phones but didn’t ask for passwords and basically we kept going at a walking pace right though all the security. OTOH getting though security to board the plan in Istanbul was a more of a hassle, mostly because we had to got through the same ritual three times! The flight On Turkish Air 777 was very comfortable in business. Plenty of room to stretch out and totally lay flat beds. Worth every penny.

Istanbul was a bit of a forspeice. If we hadn’t already been there.In the morning we wandered on our own into the gardens of Topkapi, which we had not seen in our previous trip. Later we went into the largest, oldest shopping mall where we were saved from buying anything by repeatedly asking where will we put it and who wants it. We did pass up some beautiful items but. . .

We are in Mansfield OH at a large campground on the outskirts sitting astride a lake. We have not ventured out as it is raining. and we are tired. This was day two from Kansas ‘city MO. One more day will put us in N Tonawanda where we will leave the coach for some service work and we will go on to the apartment in the Jeep.

We already have a day trip planned with Vic and Joyce, no driving for us! Just a gentle ride to Jerry and Barbara’s in Ithaca.

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