Thinking about preparing to depart and a grammar rant

In two weeks we will be heading out on the road to resume our peripatetic lifestyle. For some details see previous posts. For sure we are looking forward to adventure travel with OAT to The Stans and road tripping to Newfoundland not to mention Xerox Rochester international Jazz Fest. I am also having feelings about leaving Jojoba Hills. I have attended several last committee meetings of the season in the past week. and at each the attendance is dwindling as others make their way north and east. We will attend our last Last Friday Dinner Dance for the season next week and start to say goodbye to friends, fellow community members who were strangers just months ago. Some we will see in other parts of the country as they and we travel. Others we hope to spend time with back here next Fall.

Unlike so many places we have stayed in our RV lifestyle, Jojoba Hills seems to have gotten under our skin and made us feel as though we have been members of this community for a very long time. Over many years we have made many good friends on the road and have visited with them in all parts of the country even diverting hundreds of miles to make a meetup. They are wonderful friends,  but they do not comprise a community. 
A grammar rant, a total aside: Just saw this phrase on FaceBook “carb needs cleaned” I try not to be prescriptive but the missing “to be” is making me nuts. All over RV forums I am seeing this omission of “to be”.  (yeah, I could reference fora, but no one goes there anymore). I guess we are headed for assuming that “to be” is understood present.

Back to my regularly scheduled blog 🙂 well the next time I feel inspired to post in any event.

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