Post Thanksgiving, again

Seems this subject comes around about once a year. We drove from Rochester to Covesville VA in the Jeep, in a day and have been here since Sunday night. Carol and I have had to mesh with the family more than usual since we don’t have the coach to retreat to. It has been working out just fine. As I write it is Friday and we have plans to drive in to the UVA Grounds to see an original copy of the Declaration of Independence and wander on the Grounds. We hope that it is far enough away from the shopping zone to keep us out of trouble.

Given the presence of many chickens on the farm, Thanksgiving was celebrated with an excess of chicken and no turkey. All the fixin’s were wonderful from the cranberry chutney to the mashed potatoes – which made a wonderful pancake for breakfast too. We rolled away from the table by 4 PM and no one had any room for even a snack before bedtime. Alexander, Corey, Carol and I got very involved in batting a balloon around the living room. This simple entertainment continued for more than 45 minutes  until we were exhausted from laughing. Carol claimed her face ached from smiling and laughing. I must admit thta I too was feeling sore about the face from laughing so hard and for so long.

We have been suffering with smoke from two nearby forest fires settling into the Hollow. I can only imagine how much worse it must be for the Israelis being forced from their homes and communities as the Sabbath approaches and knowing that many, if not all, of the fires were intentionally set. Over the years so many of us have bought trees, forests with our contribution. On our trips we have planted trees ourselves to reforest a land that had been stripped of its trees in the decades and centuries before the founding of the State. To see those trees burning from arson is to see attacks on the very heart of Israel. The trees are important to moderate the climate and to preserve the land that Israel has been restoring. These are attacks not only on the State and the people, but on the environment.

Other very upsetting news come from the attacks on the Reform Synagogue in Ra’anana by ultra orthodox, why?

We got to the Small collection on the UVA campus where there is a display of many copies of the
Declaration of Independence including an original print of the broadside printed to distribute the news to the country side. UVA Small Library We were all moved by the installation and being in the presence of this document that is so important to our history.

More anon.

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