No Politics Zone – a Ramble

I have given up reading the NYTimes for a bit. I won’t read political rants on FaceBook. I’ve had it. Nothing I do or say is going to change the basic facts. The country will go on about its business, people will be worse off or better off and I want to get out in the desert with a whisper of internet to stay in touch with friends and family and find beauty in the plants and animals that make their own way unconcerned about affairs of people. Yes, I know we are changing the very places they live. So much damage has been done already. . .  argh, there I go off into politics without even meaning to.

I long for the feel of the road beneath our tires, knowing that we will find a place to stay the night, or a week, or a month if it suits us. To connect with people we have met living the same life and share a happy hour and a pot luck meal. To meet new people who will join the ranks of our extended friendship circle, or occasionally people who are interesting for one time only (ref: The Moon is Harsh Mistress, Heinlein).

Hmm, maybe just to sit quietly and reread some Heinlein and Asimov and Niven, not sure I am ready to reread Orson Scott Card again. Michael Connelly has a new Bosch story out, can I wait for the price to come down or will I just buy it and get on with it :)?  Carol says “get it from the library”.

Yes I know I am rambling. It comes from sitting and getting accounts current and hanging more pictures in the apartment so they will be up when we come back in the Spring and reading too many posts on RV forums. I will just let this ramble on for a bit more.

Just read about the 7.1 earthquake in New Zealand. Were we really there, just six months ago, in those very places. Saw Kate on FaceBook proclaiming they are well and unhurt, we first met her at Steven and Daisy’s wedding and then in Wellington for a day as we were passing through. The forces of nature are not to be toyed with. The pictures are horrifying although the death toll so far is low.

Enough words, how about some sunsets?

The above are from our Africa trip 
From the apartment window through dirty glass – just now.

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