Last night kangaroos, tonight, white cockatoos

We have moved on. We are now in Lake Macquarie, NSW (New South Wales) after a 6 hour drive, with interruptions. We stopped at Rosie’s for coffee and tea:

I promptly spilled the coffee on the floor of the cab turning a corner. I let the essence of caffeine fill the cab and keep me going.  The next stop was a simple roadside pullout to change drivers.  The last stop was in Karuah, where we found a lovely little park that was advertised as a rest area.  We stopped there for lunch and a typical chat with a local. 
We arrived in Lake Macquarie Active Holidays Big 4 by 2:30 or so to find much of the gang assembled and the ground littered with rabbits and lorikeets overhead,  also one unidentified bird that looks like a dove with a spike almost like a quail, but straight up
As the sun set, early these days – about 5:30 – it is late fall, the cockatoos flocked in screeching and driving most others away.  They are roosting in the trees overhead and I doubt sleep will survive the dawn chorus when the sun begins to rise. 
OMG, tomorrow is the last drive to another holiday park. After two nights there we drop the campervans in Sydney on Tuesday.  Most of us are quite ready to be rid of them,  they are nothing like what any of us own. Thursday 5 May Carol and I are booked to climb to the top of the Sydney Harbor bridge. We will have to buy pics as we are not permitted to have anything with us that could fall on the roadway. Phone scan will have to suffice.
One parting image:
Not the first Rainbow of the trip.

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