Day 32, can that really be?

Our tour is on day 32, we have been traveling for 34 days. Every day is some new experience.  Today seems rather mundane.  We drove 180 miles or so and stopped along the way a few times to view the scenery,  buy fuel, eat lunch. We finally got to our destination,  Southwest Rocks.  First we stopped at some key sites,  the Trial Bay Gaol (old English spelling of jail). It has an interesting history that is worth googling, if you care.

In our preparation for this visit we were warned that there are many wild kangaroos in the area and they can be aggressive. Sure enough there are many and we have been careful to not approach them.  Just a few minutes ago I needed to take out the trash,  as happens often after dinner. Although I could see the trash bins through the windshield I elected to take a flashlight for a change.  Good thing! As I walked I noted moving shapes and the flashlight illuminated half a dozen or more kangaroos in my path.  I circled around, completed my chore unmolested and returned to the Campervan.

Like deer in parts of the US, kangaroos are considered pests here. I can understand why. We may need to adopt “roo bars” for our vehicles if deer become even more prevalent. Driving through kangaroo country with no more than kangaroo whistles as protection seems rather frightening now. Also need to be aware of the occasional koala and the possum on the roads.

It is Friday night and we turn in our campervans on Tuesday.  Although we will not be sad to see them go so we can sleep in a comfortable hotel bed, it marks the end of a major portion of the trip which we began planning over a year ago.

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