The Caravan

Victor asked for a picture of the Caravan we are in for 20 days:

You can see the Mercedes Sprinter chassis all over the US. It is a fine piece of automotive equipment.  The body on the other hand is quirky. This unit is designed for a party of 6. We have plates, flatware,  bedding,  etc for 6. The 2 of us have to plan every move we make.  There are only 2 places we can pass each other. One in the back and the other by the door where one had to step down into the footwell to let the other by.  The throne room has toilet, shower and sink in a space about 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet.  The sink folds into the wall but relies on the shower head for water,  forget it, we use the kitchen sink which for some reason has a 6 inch lip in front of it.  I could go on about space,  the passenger seat up front must be all the way forward for me to access the driving compartment from inside,  Carol only needs it half way forward. 
Where would 6 people sleep? Two on the bed across the back,  two, in the compartment over the cab,  ladder provided, and two on the dining area where I am sitting and writing. It makes up into a bed for short people. 
We have only made contact with road side objects twice,  the first day.  Nothing serious,  we were not planning on using the awning anyhow and the mirror works just fine.  Bridges are very narrow and shoulders nonexistent in many places.  Keeping left in lanes that are less than 10 feet is exacting.  Standard lanes in the US are 12 feet. We are adapting well and I fear a return to driving right may be interesting 🙂

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