I guess that last was really less than brief 🙂

We have been driving South from Christchurch along the east coast of South Island until today. At Dunedin,  or southernmost point we visited the only castle in New Zealand.  It has a tragic history, it fell into disrepare and had been restored by a couple who have made it their life’s work.  We saw the half that was once the busiest Harbor I in NZ and we had a treat seeing Blue Penguins coming home from the sea to their colony.  There are actually two seating areas darkened with stern warnings about quiet to avoid scaring them off. They are very cute.  No pictures permitted.  We also stopped to see the Yelloweyed Penguins, but none are appearing. Either predation or disease has taken its toll on this particular group.

We also visited the Cadbury factory and came away with many samples.  It felt rather like “trick or treat” neither of us cares much for the commercial stuff.  The Jaffas are pretty good and the real chocolate bars are fine,  not up to Lake Champlain Chocolate, but we will eat it.  We have also shopped along the way to stock the RV kitchen so we can eat on board.  The cheeses are wonderful,  very creamy. The lamb I bought was also fine.  We are also becoming fans of NZ wine, especially the Pinot Noir.

For excitement we have ridden luge in concrete tracks,  I have taken a Zip line and a very exciting jet boat ride with Shotover Jet boat on the river of the same name in Queenstown, the home of crazy out door activities. We did not ride Hydro Attack

But did ride the jetboat
Tomorrow we hope to take a helicopter ride over a Glacier and land in the midst of a 175 mile drive. 
Both of us are healthier and feeling better than when we left on this trip. 
I’ll write about the RV another time when I am feeling more generous.  Suffice it to say GeeWhiz is a luxury Palace. 

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