A Week of Doctoring

Who said “growing old isn’t for sissies”? I would would like to smack that person upside the head for understatement! Both of us arranged to meet with a new doctor, just to “have someone in place.” Starting a couple of hours after those meetings I started with something that felt like a kidney stone. I have spent uncounted hours in ER and doctor’s waiting rooms since and so far little resolution, except the pain is gone and I am taking antibiotics for a “maybe” bacterial infection. Carol has been pursuing her own course just trying to get a needed injection for bone loss prevention. Different medical systems and different doctors, each wanting their own set of tests. Where, oh, where is a unified health care system in this vast country of competing needs/wants? But I will stay away from the politics – seems almost impossible in this season, but. . .

In the midst of this the Jeep wanted its own “doctor.” We started hearing noises from the wheels and pulled in to our new service center for a “look see”. We now have wonderful new rear rotors and pads. I kept saying to myself “only 36,000 miles, how can this be?” Then self said “plus another 30,000 miles being towed with the supplemental braking system hitting the Jeep brakes every time we braked the coach.” and so it goes.

Joyful news; we are in the midst of preparations for our NZ-AUS trip and have told the various docs that this is a major objective. So far no one has said we are nuts.

Here we are on our new site in Jojoba Hills SKP Resort. This site is 801 and unlike our previous site we are already working to make this ours.

Our new table and chairs were delivered this week, the umbrella, with snazzy striped fabric will be a couple of weeks yet. Carol has determined that the interior of the shed, which a prior member finished with drywall and a long counter top needs to be spiffed up a bit. We shopped at Hanks and bought painting stuff and some garden stuff and OMG we are back to feeling like homeowners. I am not sure that is part of the plan, but we don’t seem to be along in that pursuit.

To our non RVing friends, this may not look like a lot, but terracing and pavers beyond the concrete pad are really nice extras. I expect with time we will add some wind breaks and privacy screens as well, but this already feels more like ours then anyplace we have stopped for some time.

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