It was just a week ago

Just a week ago we were sitting in our nephew, Moshe’s home in W Orange NJ. The next day we flew back to sunny and warm Jojoba Hills. It felt like home as we drove through the gate and we were welcomed back into a warm and friendly community that understands our loss all to well.

Shortly after our return there was a major banquet, I think the Annual Dinner. I showed up alone with both my ticket and Carol’s, veggie ticket. I explained she wouldn’t be coming to dinner and before I could ask, they packed up her dinner for me to take up to her – I had offers from a couple of people to run it up to her so I could enjoy the dinner. You need to know there is a STRICT No Takeouts rule at all these events. The enforcers never even twitched an eyebrow.

Life has continued at the usual hectic pace Bridge and Pool for me singing and other stuff for Carol, never a dull moment. Just to keep me up with the politics and the gossip I try to get to at least one meeting a week, for Architecture, Finance, Marketing even Escort/Parking 🙂 On Sunday I noticed on the public notice board that a site near us was being offered for adoption. We had already decided there was no reason to move, but you never know. We drove by while on our way elsewhere and looked it over. We drove away and did a sudden U turn to take another look. We were immediately greeted by neighbors to the site who we know from our many activities. We immediately went to the office to put our name on the seniority list. those with the greatest length of membership get first choice. Although we didn’t get here until mid December we joined the end of April. I guess that was early enough to best the one other applicant we saw on the list. Tomorrow we move, it will be slightly more effort than our usual departure as we will have to move all the stuff I have accumulated in the shed. Most of it came out of the coach so it shouldn’t take more and an hour all told.

Here is a link to the trip we will be taking: The LONG drive.  Google measured it at 436 feet 🙂

And so it goes. the other night we invited Norm and Patrice over for happy hour after the ritual Monday Meeting, they do have quite a story. Here is a link to youtube of the group he played in. Check out the bass player. He is somewhat older and whole lot larger today. He also developed and marketed the line of Sunn Amps you can see in the background. They have both had quite varied careers and make us look like stay at home-stick-in-the-muds. We look forward to getting to know them better.

In the mean time the Londons who are classmates of mine from Brown mentioned they were driving from Coachella Valley to San Diego, passing within 14 miles of us. We arranged for them to join us for conversation and whatever on their return on Monday. It was really great having time with them, without Reunion and 40 other friends around. We really enjoyed the bottle of white wine from Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County.

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