I Hate Spam almost as much as I Hate Captchas, but not quite.

I have left the comment section of this blog “moderated” but otherwise open, not subjecting my readers to the “captcha” block because they are a nuisance (the captchas not my readers). Today I received 15 “comments” on one post from several years ago which has been drawing these spam offers regularly for the past 5 or 6 months.

Enough! I have turned back on the captcha so you will have to prove you are not a machine to post a comment by responding to the captcha requirement.  I have looked at the recent ones and they are much easier than the old system. I am interested to hear about your experience with this system. I am very sorry to have had to resort to this, but that is the internet these days. If you have my email address or are linked to me on FaceBook or Google+ you can reach me through those media as well as commenting here.

Not much more news around here. Tomorrow GeeWhiz goes in for an oil changes and other routine service so it will be ready to roll out of Rochester mid August. We are planning on seeing some of NY and possibly NJ and then PA on our way to Dan and Malena’s. Not sure of the timing of everything.  We will be in Rochester from either the 8th or 28th of September until October 11 or so. I guess you can see the very positive planning that has gone into this plan. I suspect we will know what we have done once we have done it.