Waiting Again

Carol is recovering nicely. Her bruises are fading and her eye is no longer red and she feels more energetic than she has. We are having friends over for cocktails and then out to dinner Friday and Saturday as well as breakfast out Saturday. We have set Sunday as a”down day” for r & r. Have to fit in everyone we can before we leave.  We are waiting to see if the ophthalmologist can proceed with cataract surgery on her left eye on Tuesday.

We waited eight weeks for an led clearance light for Gee Whiz that our local dealer had ordered. Got tired of waiting and called Tiffin parts department.  The part arrived two days later under warranty even though the coach is 3 months past warranty. Thank you Tiffin Motor Homes.

I would rather not refer to the next couple of weeks as waiting as we get ready for the High Holy Days and our departure for Charlottesville in preparation for our overseas travel. The anticipation level is rising, but we still have so many people we want to see and things we want to do that we don’t want the time to fly by.

This post is also a practice post. Took my laptop into Microworx to have the hard drive replaced,  under warranty.  I am writing this on my tablet as I plan to do all my posts from overseas.  I do not plan to take the laptop. So also waiting for my laptop to be returned repaired.

Waiting — is over

Two weeks ago Carol took a tumble while walking on the sidewalk. There was a lot of blood and some swelling of the cheek . X ray showed broken bone and CT scan showed a lot more damage . Carol spent hours to learn if restorative surgery was necessary and if it would interfere with having her second cataract surgery before we leave on the extravaganza. The surgery was scheduled for Thursday and it wasn’t until midday Wednesday that she had all the information she needed.

I’m writing this in the preop area while we wait for the Anesthesiologist and surgeon to come in for the preoperative talk . l’m writing this using the pen on my tablet for the first time. it reads my handwriting better than most people.  I won’t post this until I have had a chance to write about the outcome.

several hours later: Surgery took an hour less than projected because it went better than expected.  By 8:45 she was out of recovery and in her room for the night.  I spent some time with her and left her to sleep off the drugs from surgery.

I doubt I’ll post about this again.