Transferring ID to Texas

This was supposed to be easy.  Get insurance; have vehicles inspected; change registration on vehicles to Texas; surrender NY drivers license and obtain Texas drivers license – oops.  Our Coach weighs 26,500 pounds empty.  Texas regulations require a special drivers license – Class B – for vehicles that weigh more than 26,001 pounds empty.  How hard could that be? Oh there is a computer exam to take before you can take the road test.  It is the full CDL (Commercial Drivers License).  We both sat for it immediately, and failed!  I really do not need to know that I need to know the county’s regulations for how to cover a load of sand and gravel (that is the correct answer), or a myriad of other details that are very important to truck drivers or school bus drivers, but not so much to RVers.  We went home and while Carol prepared dinner I read the book, ignoring sections on endorsements for Hazardous materials and Towing Multiple Trailers.  Back we went on Friday afternoon after Carol had time to read all the material and we had reviewed  it together.

When we sat at the two old touch screen computers, the one I sat at would not work even when I rapped the screen with my knuckle.  So much for ancient technology.  Carol meanwhile passed so I took over her machine and proceeded to answer all 20 questions correctly only to have the computer ignore my presence and dump my results into the bit bucket.  After consulting with Cindy I was able to reenter the test and retake it.  This time I missed an answer, so much for perfection, but the only needed grade is Pass, which I did.

We are signed up to take the road test here on the 28th.  Today I mailed my NY plates  back to NY DMV. It is all progress in our intended direction.  For now we are relaxing in Livingston and figuring out what to do as the weather continues to be unstable.  We have had torrential rains, a warm sunny day and it is now threatening to rain on a rather warm day.  Soon enough it will be cold and wet then cold and sunny then???

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