Still in Covesville

We had a thankful Thanksgiving and the days seem to be flying by without our doing anything.  The occasional trip to Amerigas to refill the gas grill tanks and the larger auxiliary tank we keep here for the motorhome, it gets cold here.  Well, if you are in Vermont or Rochester, it gets cool here.   We are burning plenty of propane to keep the place warm.  We had dinner out at Whiskey Jar on the Mall in Charlottesville and a pizza dinner at Dr Ho’s – best pizza in the area and only 15 minutes from the house.  Mostly we play with the boys, take a walk, do some work on the motorhome and read, NYTimes, books, magazines and online forums.

I have set up temporary wiring to operate the macerator while we are here.  When we get to warm weather I will take the time to make it pretty.  Other chores have mostly been day to day stuff as most things in the coach are operating as we like.

Yesterday brought great news.  The closing of the sale of 1482 East Avenue has left us landless.  For the first time since April 1966 we do not own any real estate, anyplace.  This happens as we work to divest ourselves of our linkages to NYS.   The paperwork for all these transitions has been keeping us busy as we gather what we need to register our vehicles in Texas and transfer our health insurance to Texas.  Not sure how long this will take but once the kids fly away from our gathering in San Antonio we will take what time we need in Livingston to do what we can.

 I am working with Alex from time to time to begin thinking about writing his bar mitzvah speech for May.  Somehow reading Beha’alotecha in November is confusing me.  Don’t we have to get to Egypt and then make our Exodus in the Spring before I read these chapters?  If you don’t follow the Torah Portion of the week, as we do, I am sure the previous statement is meaningless to you.

It looks like we will be having dinner with the Freedman’s tonight and lunch tomorrow with Malena’s Dad, David, and his wife Carol.  Always fun when both women at the table are Carol.

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