Happy Turkey Day from Covesville VA

Being thankful:
Thankful for an uneventful drive from Rochester to Covesville, VA.
Thankful for warm family and neighbors in the Hollow with their warm welcome
Thankful for our wonderful friends in Rochester and around the country and the world
Thankful for our health and the ability to pursue the RV lifestyle we love, also for the health of our friends and family.

Hopeful for a resolution of the ongoing strife between Israel and Hamas that permits people to live in peace both in Israel and in Gaza.  I know I am hoping for a lot, may it be in my lifetime.

Wishing strength to the people in New York and New Jersey whose lives have been torn asunder by the super storm.

We are settled in our favorite spot in Dan and Malena’s yard until December 3.I have participated in a minor construction project in one of the bathrooms, it was indoors and warm, I don’t think that counts.  I have continued to make minor modifications to the coach, installing hooks and other projects that make it more comfortable for us.  Why don’t manufactures install a key rack? a towel rack? anyhow in many ways it is good that they didn’t, It makes me feel useful and like I have personalized the coach.

Carol has rearranged the cupboards again.  She is having trouble figuring out where she wants things, so I have to relearn where everything is when we get on board.  Maybe after 6 months things will settle into their necessary spaces.

We have changed our route yet again.  We are not going to Red Bay, AL.  I remembered that Lazy Days is a major Tiffin dealer and we will be less than an hours drive from there.  So after we leave Fort Desoto we will move to Lazy Days and have our work done there before rolling towards Texas.  So we will be rolling along the Gulf Coast starting sometime after December 19 until our scheduled arrival in San Antonio on the 23rd.

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