Roll Out!

Tomorrow, Sunday November 18, we will roll out of Rochester for the beginning of a six month wander.  This trip has a lot of special things happening along the way.  As I write this we are New York residents   I expect by the time we come to Rochester to spend some time in our summer residence on St Paul St we will have Texas domicile.

After we stop in Virginia for a couple of weeks with Dan and family for Thanksgiving we will visit Carol’s brother and sister-in-law in St Petersburg, FL.  From there we will route to Red Bay to get a list of minor items taken care before rolling out to San Antonio TX.  There we will be met by our boys and their entire families who will fly in and rent RV’s and join us for two weeks in San Antonio and Fredericksburg, TX and anyplace else we may decide to stop.  Some birthday present for both of us!!

After that we will go to Livingston to do what paperwork we need to do to become real Texans.

From there we have no idea, although we do need to see people in Dallas and Austin.

This is the culmination of a bunch of planning that started as we returned from our 2011-12 wander.  We have barely slowed down to breath.  You have seen the blog on our trip to Tanzania.  Since then we have been to a rally of Tiffin Travelers in Bath NY, driven to Foxboro (Foxborough) MA where we stayed at the lovely Normandy Farms CG only an hour from our nephew Ross’s home in Cambridge.  There we visited with Ross, Kristin and their three children and also went to Yom Kippur services at the synagogue they belong to almost as close to them as Yechiel and Miriam’s is to them.

On the way there we took advantage of our Harvest Host membership to stay at Bowman Orchard just outside Albany.  That might have been considered a mistake as we arrived late afternoon on a gorgeous Sunday in September.  The highway was backed up a mile when we got there and we couldn’t enter the driveway they were using for people to enter.  Fortunately, they were expecting us and the guard at the exit waved us in and parked us on the grass alongside the driveway until the mobs left.  Then we pulled into the main parking lot and spent the night.  We did buy some apples.  It was really quite lovely.

On the way home from Cambridge we stopped at the RV park that is tied to Turning Stone Casino.  They were celebrating Halloween!! which completely messed me up for the month of October as I thought Halloween was past already.  We did go into the casino and walk around and had a very nice dinner in one of the restaurants.  On to Rochester.

We stored the coach and started shopping for a new car.  The RAV4 had served us well, but is was 8 years old and in addition to the 56,000 mile on the odometer, it had been towed 90,000 miles and it was due for new tires, again.  We bought a Jeep.  We bought a car that was delivered from the factory ready for serious off road play.  It is a 4 door Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon.  Some of the capabilities we may never use.  I am not sure I want to be someplace where I need to electronically disengage the front sway bar, but then you never know.

It is now play time!!  Our last activity before leaving is to attend the Perlman’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Party.  We were at the wedding.  Last night we sat at dinner with another couple who were at that wedding who will be at the party.  We do live in a small community in a large city.

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