Notes from a week in Tanzania

Whew, we are really here!

This wll be telegraphic as the keyboard is dreadful and the connection very slow.

After landng in Kilimanjaro airport we drove to Arusha for  our first night.  The only excitement was watching a drunk drive into the rear of our other Bush limo.  Totally destroyng hs own front end and not leavng a mark on our other car.  We drove on without incident.  The next day we drove to Sinya Tent Camp in the Kilimanjaro district.  On our way into the camp we saw towers of Giraffes and dazzles of Zebras.  They were practically in the camp.  Oh yes Roughing it Smoothly, applies here too.  More when  I have time. 
The next day we went on an early morning game drive and then we went to a Masai Bomba (village) where we witnessed a precircumcsion ceremony.  The boys 13 to 20 were not present as they were in a secluded cabin awaiting the surgery in the morning. 

By the time we left Sinya we had seen giraffes, zebras, elephants, yellow tail baboons, warthogs, and too many birds to recount.  Oh, I missed Grants Gazelles, Thompson Gazelles, Impala, and many monkeys.  Next we stopped back in Arusha and then on to Tangira National Park where we added Cheeta and Lion  and waterbuck and baboons and . . .

Add another Masai vllage where we delivered water filters we had bought to provide clean water for the family and on to Tloma where we are now.

The meter is runnng out and the day is hot so more the next time I fnd a live connection.  I have 600 pictures and Carol has over 1,000 and who knows how many mnutes of video.