Art in Houston (post 8 – I counted)

We have been reading, listening to news and stories and doing a little wandering since we got to Rainbow’s End in Livingston, TX.  We actually took the “official tour” finally after being here four or more times.  The postal setup is amazing.  As we were guided back through addition after addition Carol commented, “when do they build a second story” as she said that stairs appeared and we climbed up to the office area on the second floor, recently added.  It is amazing what can be built with volunteer labor which is how all of Rainbow’s End has been built. 

The name seems a bit trite, but it has a story.  When the first member of the original group that founded the Escapees agreed to stay here to run the operation, they parked their old trailer, which they called Rainbow for the last time, hence Rainbow’s End. 

We are using the DroidX to provide internet connection and it is fine for the most part.  Bandwidth is limited and Verizon’s 2 GB limit may turn out to be a hassle, beyond that it is really nice not to have to depend on what each campground has to offer in the way of internet service, so long as there is phone service.

The last time we spent time here we went into Houston and saw many galleries, but somehow we never got to the Museum of Fine Art Houston (MFA H).  I think we agreed there was no way we could do it justice at the end of a long day of many galleries.  Yesterday we arrived at MFA H at 11:10, just after opening.  We did not need our Memorial Art Gallery membership with its North American Reciprocal as it was a free day.  Some time after 4 we staggered out, unable to stand on  a gallery floor or to feast our eyes and brains on one more magnificent work of art.  The collection of gold artifacts from Indonesia was our starting point and the show of Latin American art, much of it on loan was amazing and eye opening.  The wonderful work by Fridah Kahlo and Diego Rivera seemed almost a second thought after seeing the more recent works by artists with whom we are much less familiar.  The collection of impressionist work was breathtaking and worth a trip all by itself.

When we walked into the Chinese exhibit we were greeted with a mural that covers all the walls of the gallery.  Check out this site to get an idea of what we saw.  We have never heard of gunpowder art before.  If you are near Houston, if you can find a reason to go to Houston, go to the MFA H. 

Tonight, New Years Eve, we have tickets for Liberty Opry’s special show:

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31, 2010 – 8:00 P. M.-Midnight *
DONNA B “The Ebony Cowgirl”
Jay Cantu
John Ray Baxter
Rick Burton
Jim Cox
Larry “Booger Lee” Etheridge
Kenneth “Little Red” Hayes
Andy Lingenfelter
Jerry Locke
Mike Loftin
Aaron Marshall
Marcy Rae
Ray Sowell

We have no idea what to expect, but it will be different from any other New years Eve we have spent. (no, none of those names mean a thing to us).  Maybe I’ll provide a review another time.

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