Idling in Alabama

We left Elks Lodge 713 in Albany GA early, for us, and rolled along to Rainbow Plantations Escapee Park in Summerdale AL.  That is way south in the little part of Alabama that makes it to the gulf east of Mobile Bay. We planned on moving on today, but. . . Spent Thursday roving around with a walk in Bon Secour NWR and lunch at the Old Oyster House. 

Before we left for the day, I was walking around the coach and saw water dripping from a connection that had never caused a problem before.  When I took it apart, I found that the end of the hose connection was a little crimped and apparently eroded as well.  I was not able to get a good seal so I picked up a replacement hose end to resolve the problem.  While I was working on it Bob walked over and struck up a conversation (no idea who he is beyond the name and he is neighbor who once owned a Southwind).  I called on Carol to lend me her hair blower one more time to warm the end of the hose so I could slide the new part in.

Other minor repairs/fixes have attracted my attention and been resolved.  For some reason the builder put vinyl (or linoleum) flooring on the bottom of the cabinet that is set up for a washer/dryer.  The flooring curled up at the edge preventing the bottom drawer from closing.  I got out the staple gun and tried to staple my finger into the floor, not a good idea.   That was a few days ago and all is healed and the flooring is now nice and flat.  I noticed a light fixture over the bed had worked loose.  When I took it down I found that the builder had driven the screws directly into the wallboard with no mounting.  CHEAP!  For now I have filled the holes with wooden toothpicks and reset the screws – also CHEAP and QUICK – also works long term.

The mail came yesterday! Six pounds and over 60 pieces.  We are busy telling all we missed that our new mailing address is: 127 Rainbow Drive #2707, Livingston TX 77399  and scanning the pieces we need so we can burn the paper along with the stuff we don’t need.  Snail mail is really slow now as it has to go to Livingston and wait for us to tell them where to send, once we know. 

We are not sure when we will leave or where to.  At present maybe Sunday and maybe Goose Island SP, near Rockport Texas on the coast or possibly Livingston TX.  The weather looks delightful either place for next week. 

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