Another Family visit and on to ?

After leaving Williamsburg we set out to visit Mimi Caplan and Joe Feak.  Mimi is Carol’s first cousin and we have stopped by to visit several times over the years.  They live on a thirty acre farm in Ivanhoe, NC, about 30 miles north east of Wilmington, NC.  Getting in and out of there farm yard is always exciting for us as it requires bending past an old dogwood tree that leans out over the drive at the perfect angle to hit the awning on the way in or the refrigerator vent on the way out.   This trip was a no damage trip 🙂

Our big excitement was a trip to Walmart in Wallace, NC. For the  most part we sat and talked and watched the animals, horses, donkeys, geese, Guinea Hens, and assorted birds along with the dogs, Diesel and Ruben behave as animals do.  We have always enjoyed having long talks and also long walks with Mimi and Joe.  The walks did not happen as the weather was not conducive to spending voluntary time out in it.  Cold and raining or at times raining and cold.  Did I mention we also ate.  Great meals put together by Mimi almost in passing.  There was plenty of hot sauce, Joe is getting into the business of distributing Rum Island – Bonefish Joe’s, a very tasty hot sauce with a story longer than the label on the bottle. 

We cannot figure out how we want to get where we want to get.  The concept (avoid the word PLAN) is to get west quickly, yet here we are south of Charleston, SC, plainly way off route for Texas.  There is this cold blast spreading throughout the southeast (not to mention the rest of the country it seems) and Joe suggested it would be warmer near the coast, so we are going to circle south along the coast and then tomorrow begin a dash to the west hoping not to spend more than another night in freezing temperatures.  Tomorrow night it appears inevitable that we will freeze, we are not likely to drive more than 6 hours and somehow that does not get us past the Florida Panhandle.  I’ll report on our freeze avoidance results in another post – if I remember.

I think I am stretching your patience, not to mention my own.  For the RVers reading this we are in Lake Aire RV Park south of Charleston.  It is Passport America.  The entrance road is in poor shape, the person we were greeted by was very pleasant and the facilities appear to be well maintained, other than the entrance road.  It would be a nice destination stop for Charleston area in better weather.  I do love the sound of the freight train when it passes.

Here is a photo of the suspension bridge on US 17 entering Charleston, it really is quite spectacular:

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