Williamsburg – without Alexander

Plan is a four letter word.  Every time we think we know exactly what we will be doing for the next three days – a plan – something throws a monkey wrench into the works.  A friend came over for a visit and brought her own special variety of cold/flu/virus you name it.  Sure enough just three days before our departure Alexander came down with it.  Fever and all.  There was no way to take a sick child on a motorhome to a happening that would require walking around in 35 degree weather for a day trying to grasp lots of new information.

We left without him.  No point in staying around to be sure we came down with “it.”  Propane was running low and I learned a new fact (that is previously unknown to me) that a portable propane tank when subjected to cold temperatures will not flow sufficient vapor to meet the needs of an RV furnace when it is full.  We were running through the onboard tank and would need to move soon to refill that. 

We drove to Williamsburg, the American Heritage RV Park is a very nice facility only ten miles from the the Historic Area and they had propane for sale at an only moderately confiscatory price which they assured me was lower than any in the neighborhood, and only $1 a gallon more than I had been paying in Charlottesville.  But enough of my complaining.

We had a glorious day in Colonial Williamsburg, well worth the price of admission subject to advance purchase discount and Senior discount etc.  Pat’s “twin” from 1765 gave us a wonderful account of life just before the Declaration of Independence in the Governor’s Palace and the action in the courthouse was a lot of fun especially because both Carol and I took parts in the trials that were presented.  Lunch at Chownings Tavern turned out to be a very special event for us especially because they had a nice salad for Carol and the Brunswick Stew was very delicious and warmed me nicely. 

After a tour of the Capitol and the Gaol and the Coffee Shop we went to the Museum of Folk Arts and got lost for the 90 minutes that remained to us before closing.  Worth another visit for itself.  It was too late to drive back to the coach and begin the preparation of dinner so we went to 2nd Street Restaurant which I had researched the night before.  The menu looks simple, but it was all very well prepared and the pricing was distinctly modest for the quality of meal served.  All in all a superb day.

We missed Alexander, yet we were not sure how happy he would have been with the nature of the day we ended up putting together.  It certainly would have been a different day.

While we were enjoying our day, our daughters-in-law had been putting together a gathering in Los Angeles.  We will be together from February 16 to 22.  We are now booked into Dockweiler RV Park – on the beach by LAX – for then.  So now we have a PLAN of sorts.  At least there is a stake in the ground for the third week in February. 

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