Itchy Tires Syndrome

My birthday is past, the visits to family in Los Angeles and the visit of the Charlottesville family is far enough past that we have restored the house to a semblance of order.  I am ready to be on the road!  I call it “itchy tires” because they need to roll.

For those who keep score of my RV maintenance odyssey even sitting in storage has resulted in some work.  I decided that I had to have a flat screen, HD, TV in the front cabinet to not watch.  This new one weighs 12 pounds vs the former hulk weighing in at 70 pounds.  I am less afraid of its falling in our laps on a rough road than the old one.  It also uses LEDs for the back light which will draw much less power, should I turn it on.  I should even be able to run it off of battery in the desert.

Just last week the coach was in again.  This time for a major recall on the brakes that I have been waiting for for two years.  Of course the pads had 73,000 miles on them and were not included in the recall.  Another ouch.  I am hoping it is now ready for the road. 

We still have a weekend drive to Shelburne VT to spend with my sister Sandy and David and family and a flying weekend to Sarasota FL for a Bar Mitzvah.  In the mean time we are waiting for the roof on our house to be replaced, again, if the weather will only relent. 


Oh, yes, I am retiring.  I have some work to do to make it complete, but my life insurance license is a thing of the past, on my birthday yet.  I expect to keep my securities license for a few more months and then that will be gone too.  Not sure how I will adapt to giving up those emblems of my work identity for the past 36 years.  So far I am fine with it.  I am even giving up the CLU ChFC after my name, time to take on a different identity. 

I am ready to be on the road!  My tires are itchy.

One thought on “Itchy Tires Syndrome”

  1. Paul… A great blog with so much varied info in such a small space!

    If it is any help. I had reached a personal work pinnacle and have never regretted leaving it – even for an instant. Most executives have a BIG problem with it because their identity was so wrapped up in who they were at work. I am confident you won't do that!

    Safe travels to you and Carol! Jim (and Junko)

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