The end of a long, interesting summer

Happy New Year, L’Shanah Tova!

I could not keep writing and posting with everything hanging in the balance, so there has been a longish silence.  I have a post about a bike ride that has been pending for a month, will get that up real soon.

I seem to have been restored to my former good cardiac health, one remaining test to be sure in October, but my workout regimen and our long walks satisfy me that everything is ticking along just fine.  I will take the tests to satisfy the medical records (and provide another boat payment for the medical staff – small boat in any case).  I had my second cataract lens surgery on 8/31 and have been told that everything is healing fine.  As I type, my reading glasses are laying along side the computer.  I am told to use them as little as possible.  Reading the NY Times with good light is just fine, but books have smaller type and the light is a bit poorer late at night when my eyes are closing.  I am in better shape than when the summer began.

As we pass through the High Holiday season, I’ve blown shofar for two services already, we look forward to visits from my sister, from Dan and family and any RVers who are passing through Rochester.  Carol is looking forward to Brighton High School Class of 1960 reunion at the end of September and two weeks later I will be seeing many of my Monroe High School Class of 1960 friends.  Since the schools were rivals in 1960 and Carol and I knew many people at the rival schools we will attend each other’s reunions.  Of course I have been gathering with the Reunion Committee from my class frequently as we have worked to put it all together.

By mid October we should be ready for a break.  Our departure to the south is planned to get to Dan and Malena’s for Thanksgiving.  If we can get there a week early so much the better.  We will eventually depart from there for our annual southern and western jaunt.