July was interesting

Although it is still July – the 31st – as I write it will be August before I post this. 

As those of you who have been reading know, I had cataract surgery on June 29 and was scheduled to have the second eye done on July 20th.  What I didn’t remark on, at the time was the immediate follow up to the first surgery.  As we prepared to leave, the nurse handed me a copy of my EKG from the surgery and said my internist was expecting me at 12:30!  The short story is that during the surgery they saw a change in my EKG and there was now am atrial flutter showing where one had never existed at any time in the past. 

I have spent July undergoing testing and waiting for this that or the other.  The next step in on Monday August 2 and if you are reading this I got the expected result from the cardio conversion I am hoping to undergo Monday afternoon.  I will have one more test, a Transesophageal Echocardiogram, and if that is good I will be treated to a “reboot” of the cardiac electrical system.  If it works out, the flutter will be gone, I will resume long, fast walks and the second eye surgery will be planned for the end of August.  If it hasn’t worked out you will not be reading this and there will another post with humorous wisecracks about how my heart flutters for Carol.  and I will await the next steps in repairing this anomaly.

Finally, thank you to all who knew I was facing this and have taken the time to email/text/call to offer me prayers and wishes for swift recovery.  I have been buoyed on the love and caring of friends and family.  I look forward to a quick recovery and I plan to be at the gym for my daily workout tomorrow and the rest of the week. 

I still need to demonstrate that my heart will stay with the revised program on its own so I can get my other eye done and prepare to roll Gee 2 this fall. 

Carol has been, as always, my strength and support through this and I hope the strain has not been too great on her.